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  1. Crib Canopy and Knitting Projects

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    September 17, 2013 by Leah

    I had help this weekend, so I used my time to do a few crafty projects I’d been meaning to …
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  2. In Which I Make a Mei Tai


    July 20, 2013 by Leah

    I am unsure why the projects I choose always leave me so exhausted. I wanted to try a mei tai …
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  3. Mobile Diaper Station


    April 7, 2013 by Leah

    It’s gotten pretty difficult to keep our intrepid 10-month-old on his changing table during the torture sessions (diaper changes) to …
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  4. In Which I Make A Tiny Yoda Robe


    October 12, 2012 by Leah

    Here is my to-do list today: Meal plan. Grocery shop. Clean house. Make pot roast. Possibly go running. Learn tricky …
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