Help Will Always Be Given…

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March 30, 2017 by Leah

…at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.

Not that I live at Hogwarts, but after my breakdown of a couple of weeks ago, my friends and family really came to the rescue. Two friends arranged to take my big kids for an hour or two that first week. The kids had a great time and I had some quiet time. Everybody won.

My Facebook-based moms group arranged for people to come clean my house, sent a kidney diet cookbook, a gift certificate to Thrive Market, and a gift certificate to Amazon that I may only spend on myself.

My husband took some time off and took a bunch of stuff off my plate. He’s really been amazing lately.

It’s been such an exciting couple of weeks I haven’t been thinking about my kidneys overmuch, which is good. Two of the kids got pinkeye, then everyone except Aaron (who had a cold) got a stomach bug – I went to bed Friday night and didn’t really get up until Sunday morning, the kids threw up regularly for a few days (even the baby). I also had some rehearsals and an intense concert. (Ravel. Dude.) Oh, and a baseboard heater in our bedroom ignited so I had to call the fire department. And Elias had his first t-ball practice. One of the firefighters who came to our house has two boys playing on a Little League Majors team that is helping out with Elias’s t-ball practices, so that was exciting.

We are off on an adventure that will culminate with my going to OHSU to discuss my chronic kidney disease. I’m not looking forward to this as much as I used to be, because I’m kind of sick of the whole situation, but am still hoping it will be valuable.


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