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March 19, 2017 by Leah

I’m starting a new chapter in my life. Less DIY, more agonizing. Read on.

So. Chronic Kidney Disease. CKD for short. Apparently you have to have decreased kidney function for three months for a diagnosis to be made, and I’ve been somewhere in the region of 30-40% functionality (except for when things got really bad right after I delivered the baby, when it was more like 15%) for five months. My nephrologist must have made the call that I had CKD at my appointment in November, but he forgot to tell me, so I found out at my most recent appointment in January, when he asked me, “So how is your husband doing with all this?” and I said, “All what?” and he said, “You having chronic kidney disease.” And I said, “I have chronic kidney disease?” And he looked a little sheepish and said, “Yeah, your serum creatinine has plateaued [something he did mention last time] and your creatinine clearance has fallen from 44 ml/min to 37 in three months.” So I said, “And that means…?” And he said, “Well, this is not going to get better. We’re looking at a transplant in… two and a half years if your creatinine clearance continues to fall at the same rate. You’re young enough that they’ll want to do something called a preemptive transplant where we get you a new kidney before you even need dialysis, ideally – it really helps preserve health and improve outcomes. We can start looking for a kidney when your creatinine clearance falls below 20. If we can get you on ACE inhibitors I think I can stretch it to five.”

Mind you, I’m 35. My children are four and a half, two, and five months old. This was not welcome news.


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