Laundry Room Update


September 13, 2014 by Leah

Our washing machine broke at the end of July and after 40 long days (how Biblical) without in-house laundry, we finally got a new washer and dryer. They’re stackable! Previously, I had trouble turning around in our laundry room as the machines faced each other, so the prospect of having some space in which to do laundry, as well as a whole empty wall, was very exciting.

I had been planning to use the newly freed-up space as a tiny home office of sorts, but it ended up becoming sewing and craft storage (which things had previously been jammed into our one storage closet).


I bought the cheapest unpainted cabinet from Home Depot and painted the cabinet and a child’s desk my mom found at a garage sale 20 years ago to match each other, using chalkboard paint on the cupboard doors and the desk drawer fronts. Then I found the bulletin board from my childhood bedroom in our garage (my husband saves everything), removed the discolored frame, covered it in fabric, and mounted it to the wall with cabinet screws. Making the organizational board was incredibly tedious (I used brads to hang the thread and bobbins, chopsticks on hooks for the ribbon, and duct-tape-covered yogurt cups for the containers) and took all of naptime for two days in a row, but I think I’ll be glad to have things out where I can see them.



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