Lessons Learned From Painting


July 7, 2013 by Leah

I decided on a whim to repaint my kitchen cupboards. Here is what I’ve learned:

1.There is a lot of surface area in my kitchen.

2. You should plan ahead for meals when redoing the kitchen, particularly if, like me, you hate grilling.

3. Use a roller on larger surfaces. It can’t hurt and it will probably look better and lead to fewer drip marks.

4. When deciding whether to put the third coat of white paint on cupboard doors inside or outside, choose inside.

5. Do a little at a time. I divided my painting task into three parts and Part I looks great, because it was manageable. I combined Parts II and III into one day and think I got a little sloppy.

6. My most successful method of keeping the toddler occupied was waiting until his father was home on the weekend. Runner-up methods included: sticking him in his stroller with a book and some crackers (for an outside job) and wearing him on my back, after we had a little discussion about hair-pulling (this followed our discussion about biting that happened last week).

7. If you update one part of your kitchen, you’re going to need to update the other parts of your kitchen. I now have a three-phase upgrade plan.

8. It hurts to pull paint out of your hair. Maybe wear a kerchief.

Here are some progress photos:

Friday morning


Sunday morning



The cupboard doors will be making a reappearance. They are currently here:



One thought on “Lessons Learned From Painting

  1. Jessica says:

    Rad! You are right about the hair thing. When I painted once…I ended up just cutting off a bunch of hair. Lucky for me, my hair is already short. Looks great chica.

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