Replacing Elastic in Grovia Shells – A Cautionary Tale


February 5, 2013 by Leah

I bought a “pre-loved” Grovia diaper “shell,” or cover, from another mama knowing full well the elastic in the back needed to be replaced. I was all, “I can do this, I know how to sew,” because this cover plus some gPants – another kind of diaper cover – cost me about what a new shell costs by itself.


Here’s the shell on the left, next to a Grovia shell in perfect working order. The back of the shell is at the top. I grabbed my seam ripper and started exploring. I could feel the elastic was still tacked in to one side of the diaper, so I randomly picked a seam to unravel on the back of the diaper. Don’t do this.

Pictured below, where the tag is, is the seam I should have started with (and where I went next).


Unpicking stitches.


Starting to get access to what I need access to.


Here is what the baby is doing while I’m undoing seams:

ImageYay, I have a hole and can see where the elastic is attached!


Here is where I make my mistake. I start undoing the top seam holding the two layers together in order to understand what is going on.


I have located the elastic (which is still in good working order, but somehow came unmoored from the other side) and ripped out several inches of top seam. Eek!


The baby has now found some exercise equipment to play with.

e blog

I get the elastic and use the old safety pin trick to get it back through what remains of the channel it is supposed to go through.


Hey, the shape is looking right!


Then I have to sew things up. This is where I wish I had never touched the top seam and instead come in from the side where the tag is, because after the elastic is reattached it’s really hard to repair the top seam without sewing the elastic into the seam. Which is ridiculous as you want the channel around the elastic to move. That is the whole point of elastic.

Anyway, I managed. I accidentally sewed a bit of elastic into the seam at each end, as you can tell from this picture, but the diaper cover is fully functional again.Image

If not exactly elegant.Image

And here it is in action.


Shortly after I finished this, someone gave me the link to Grovia’s picture tutorial on replacing elastic. It is here.


4 thoughts on “Replacing Elastic in Grovia Shells – A Cautionary Tale

  1. Shannon Reed says:

    So funny that he was into the books while you were doing it, lol. LOVE the grovia diapers and very glad to know how to replace that elastic!

  2. Janice says:

    Do you know what the width is of the original elastic? I bought 1/4″ but I’m afraid I may have bought the wrong size!

  3. Cagey Macks says:

    You are super funny. Thanks a ton for the tutorial, plus the “real world” baby action shots. My baby dumped an iced tea on his head while I was examining my elastic. Doh.

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