The Washing Machine

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November 28, 2012 by Leah

Two nights ago during dinner (because our washer and dryer are going constantly), Aaron said, “Should the washing machine be making that noise?” and I, who enjoy spending some time in denial before facing a problem, said, “I don’t hear any noise.” A few minutes later I admitted that there might, actually, be a scary noise emanating from our washing machine.

This struck fear into my heart. We have a six-month-old who just started eating (read: smearing food into whatever he happens to be wearing) and who uses cloth diapers, and we have a dog who vomits up bile (and occasionally food) multiple times a day. I made him a puke blanket (cute flannel print with bones on it backed with PUL), but that stays on the bed to protect our feet from nighttime incidents. Since we’re against disposable paper products, our rag stash gets a LOT of use. (Note: We are not heartless people who let the dog just puke all the time. We’ve been dealing with Duke’s illness for five months. We’ve switched vets and no one seems to be able to help.  Aaron soaks and grinds up his food into an appetizing slurry on a daily basis to help him keep it down his irritated throat.)

Anyway, in keeping with my aforementioned strategy of denial, I went to bed. The next morning I discovered the washing machine was in pieces and Aaron said, “It got later than I realized. You might want to think about the laundromat for any washing needs you have today.”

So, we know how that turned out. (See: The Car.)

After Aaron was done fixing the car, he turned his attention to the washing machine.

Troubleshooting the washing machine.

Luckily for us, there are several YouTube videos about the home repair of just our model of washing machine.

Found objects. I wondered where that earring went.

Aaron found all that stuff in something he kept referring to as “the trap.”

The trap?

The culprit.

And he found this rag had been wadded up and sucked into some kind of pump that is crucial to the smooth functioning of the washing machine. So, everything was put back together and I have had the pleasure of doing laundry in my own home for the entire day today.


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