In Which I Make A Tiny Yoda Robe


October 12, 2012 by Leah

Here is my to-do list today:

Meal plan. Grocery shop. Clean house. Make pot roast. Possibly go running. Learn tricky part (aka all) of the third movement of Beethoven’s 8th. Oh, and care for needy infant.

Here is what I have done today:

Made a Jedi robe for my almost 5-month-old.

Elias is going to be Yoda for Halloween. I asked my brother (because he seems like the kind of guy one to whom one would address these questions) if Yoda is an overdone baby costume (babies are just the perfect size!). He said “Heck, no!” and added that whenever we wear Elias on our backs, we can say he’s teaching us the Jedi way. Fair point.

So, I made a Yoda hat for E. (Note, Malabrigo Rios doesn’t felt, so the ear flaps and strings are really long, but luckily I made the body of the hat with Bamboo Heather Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks. One ball will make the body of one hat, FYI.)

Yoda hat.

And today I made a robe to go with, based on this tutorial. If you Google images of Yoda, you’ll note that his robe is kind of an oatmeal color, so muslin works perfectly. I laid E. on the measuring counter at Jo-Ann to see about how long he was from shoulder to foot and ended up getting 1.25 yards of fabric. ($3 and change. This was good, as I bought fabric for a duvet cover at the same time. That’s not really one of those projects that saves you money by doing it yourself.)

Here’s how the robe went:

“Hi, Mom!”

I thought I was finished, but then I remembered the hood. So I cut a piece of fabric that was about twice as long as it was wide, folded it into a square (10.5″ before hemming), sewed up one side, hemmed the bit that goes around the face, and attached the hood with many pleats. I had a brief moment of panic as I was sewing up a whitish pointy hood, but luckily it looks like a Jedi hood rather than one of the ones I’m not going to type about because I really don’t want to see “baby K$%^ hood” in the search results of how people get to my blog.

Ghostly! (Side view.)

Many pleats.

And done.

Yoda’s under-robe apparel is different than the normal Jedi undergarment, but Internet searching brought up no plain brown baby shirts with Nehru collars. This was a good thing, as it made me realize that turning one of E’s shirts backwards worked perfectly.

And now that he’s up from his nap, here is the exclusive sneak preview of E.’s first Halloween costume:

Happy Yoda! Almost looks like Laughing Buddha. Hmm. Yoda. Buddha. (Google says I’m not the first person to have made this connection.)

Note: The shoulder and chest area is super tight. When the tutorial says “Don’t trace too close to the body,” take heed.


3 thoughts on “In Which I Make A Tiny Yoda Robe

  1. Yellow Mae says:

    For my youngest 1st Halloween I did almost the same thing. My mom had knit the yoda hat and made a quick costume to go with it, similar to yours. When I looked quick it appeared to be one of my old photos! Great minds …

  2. Her says:

    This will be baby’s first Halloween and he’ll be 6 months old. Thanks for posting this inspiration! Our family will be Leia, Han Solo and Yoda for Halloween. My partner said it would work only if I could find a cheap Yoda costume. Done and done! Thanks again! =)

  3. Bev says:

    This is absolutely adorable!

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