In Which I Decide My Blog Needs An Overhaul


September 6, 2012 by Leah

I need a new blog name. We are neither frugal nor are we a twosome and my subject matter is all over the place. Our financial situation has improved since I started this blog over two years ago: not only do we not spend more than we (Aaron) earn, we are homeowners and we almost have the car paid off. All good things; however, we still could do better with budgeting. (Who am I kidding: we don’t budget at all.) We’re going to do the money-in-envelopes thing again, since that worked for us for about 1.5 months two years ago. This time, though, we may need to freeze the credit and ATM cards and take a solemn oath not to eat tomatoes in winter.

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas on the blog name front, do let me know. I’m hoping for something a little catchier than “The Virtual Place Where I Sporadically Write About Whatever Strikes My Fancy.” Anything including the word “Threesome” is out, for obvious reasons. Maybe “An Entitled Middle Class Housewife Who Thinks She’s More Awesome Than She Is Because of Her Tendency Towards DIY But Is Really Just Like Everyone Else.”


5 thoughts on “In Which I Decide My Blog Needs An Overhaul

  1. Surinder says:

    how about: Awesome is a state of mind.

  2. Well my blog name is “ireadhardbooks” but I almost never write about books. A friend of mine named hers “Bring Mommy Some Gin” which is about neither Mothering nor Gin. You could go completely abstract. I’ve always said if I followed ’70s band naming convention (Jefferson Airplane, Lovin’ Spoonful, King Harvest) I would name my band Gorbachev Tollbooth. You could go fanciful Take a look at your category cloud and see if there’s anything that could be put together. “DIY Life” or perhaps “Avast Ye Mommy” or something fun.

  3. It just came to me. A women-centric comedy blog. “Ha Has for Hoo Has”.

  4. lahancock says:

    I believe there is already a blog by that name. How about, “in which I blog”

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