In Which I Make Some Baby Wraps


September 2, 2012 by Leah

We have a ton of (four) baby carriers, but lately my Didymos woven wrap has become my absolute favorite. I like the versatility (even though I only do two carries), particularly now that I can handily get E-baby on and off my back by myself. (He gets impatient in front carries but enjoys being high on my back because he can see the world and still put his head down for a snooze if he gets overwhelmed.) I also like how it’s pretty. And 100% organic cotton. And in blue and yellow, which is usually my favorite color combination. And it can double as a blanket, nursing cover, etc. And did I mention that it’s pretty? And that there are a gazillion other wraps out there that are as or even MORE pretty?

Fall is kind of almost sorta starting to seem like it’s here. So I’ve been thinking about pretty greens with golds. Or reds with golds. Maybe with a touch of wool. Something lovely for the winter and the holidays. This had led to my spending way too much time drooling over Oscha wraps. Like this one:



And this one:



And Diva Milano wraps like this one:



However, not only are these suckers 89, 73, and 164 Euros, respectively, they’re none of them available. To get a new Oscha wrap you have to follow the company’s Facebook page, wait for them to announce a new release, and spend the entire day on your computer hoping you’ll be able to buy one in the six minutes it takes for them to sell out. So, being the practical person I am, I went to Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts, and checked out their home decor fabric.

The home decor fabric tends to be thicker than regular fabric, and comes in widths of 54 to 60 inches. Perfect for ripping in half to make a baby wrap. I went to the store and checked the bargain bin, where I found a plaid with lighter shades of red, green, and gold (very good for fall) in 100% cotton on sale for $9 per yard, and a linen-y looking bolt with teal stripes that is probably synthetic but was on sale for $4.50 a yard. I’ve been wanting to try different wrap lengths – I have a size 5, which is 420 cm, so I got 4 yards (comparable to a 370 cm size 4) of the more expensive plaid fabric, and 5.75 (closer to 520 cm, or size 7) of the cheaper stripey stuff.

I ignored the care instructions and washed and dried the fabrics. Then I ripped (literally – it makes a straight edge) each fabric in half lengthwise and sewed the smaller one into a wrap on Saturday. (Two things: 1. Plaid is handy for making straight seams. 2. My little IKEA sewing machine doesn’t do heavy duty thread.) Then I stuck the baby on my back and went to the fair. The wrap works perfectly for a short cross carry and a rucksack carry, although I’m going to go back and cut and re-hem the ends so they’re tapered. (Didymos and other wrap companies taper the ends of their wraps, which I didn’t think was that handy, but since the shorter wrap is a closer fit on me, I now understand how tapered ends are handy for tying.)

Short cross carry.

Rucksack carry.

Today, I hemmed up the longer wrap. Turns out, the fabric is nice and grippy, stripes are also good for hemming, and it’s a great length to do the double hammock back carry, which I’ve always wanted to do because you totally don’t even need to wear a shirt when you’re doing it. (Also, baby liked.)

Double hammock. No shirt required.


2 thoughts on “In Which I Make Some Baby Wraps

  1. Vintage Feel says:

    How very clever of you! I have also just spent some time drooling over Oscha wraps and Uppymama (and a myriad of others which are also either out of stock or obscenely expensive). And, unfortunately, I don’t even have a baby that needs to be wrapped! I’ve just decided that the fabric is pretty, and therefore worth staring at for hours on end!

  2. katesurfs says:

    I just borrowed a friend’s Oscha… I love it to pieces!! I’m really into making my own wraps and slings… so I’m now hunting for some 100% Irish linen that I will dye… I really do love the one she gave me,and my little chubber chunck has never been so happy tied up on my back in a double hammock!

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