In Which We Get Window Treatments

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August 20, 2012 by Leah

Why are they called that? What we really got were blinds. Or honeycomb shades. Or cellular shades. I would not make a good interior designer because I get totally overwhelmed by a) the choices and b) the terminology. Each shade-making company seems to have its own terms for every possible characteristic that a shade could possess.

Anyway. We moved into this house at the tail end of October. It is now August, and the hot, hot summer sun finally induced us to do something we’d been meaning to do for 10 months. We went shopping for shades for our kitchen.

First, we went to a local paint and decoration shop. We like to support local business. We got a quote for our three windows in question – to get top-down, bottom up Hunter Douglas blinds in “Fossil” for our big window, plus just plain old bottom-up blinds for the windows in our pantry and laundry room, would have run about $750 plus tax (including $15 installation per window). We actually had the guy come and measure, but we hadn’t put any money down, which is good because Aaron started having second thoughts.

So we went to Home Depot. The employee there was way less knoweldgeable about window treatments, which made us wonder about the quality of the installation. (Plus, installation was a flat fee of $118.) Still, the overall price for a comparable product would have been closer to $550 plus tax.

We decided to wander the aisles and think about this. We hemmed and hawed about supporting local business and resale value of the house and, after a ridiculously long time, came to the conclusion that they are just blinds. (It helped that Elias was taking the world’s longest nap in a wrap while all this was going on.) We found the bargain bin. There were three cut-to-fit cellular shades in a neutral color that would work for our windows. For $92 total (plus tax). Sold.

It took one more trip to Home Depot, but Aaron got them all installed last night. We had a celebratory glass of the Two-Buck Chuck we carefully packed home from our last trip to the Big City, and this morning we were able to eat breakfast in our normal spots at the kitchen table, instead of eating in shifts in the one shady spot. It was a beautiful thing.



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