In Which Aaron Works on the Baby Book

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July 11, 2012 by Leah

A few weeks ago, Aaron noticed Elias’ baby book sitting out and said, “There’s no reason why we can’t both work on this, is there?”

“Of course not!” was my answer. I thought it was awesome he wanted to help.

And it has been awesome. This is from my favorite page so far. It is entitled  “Settling In: My First Week.”

How I Start My Day: Six miles on the track, bran cereal, coffee (black), MSNBC.

My Hungry Times: Most of them.

Crying Times: The other times.

I Smile When: Daddy tells me how many lives he saved in WWII.

I Laugh When: Mommy says to Daddy: No more lying to E-baby!

My Other Activities: Boogie dancing, skateboarding, hunting, debate team, theoretical physics

When I Sleep: No time for that.

My Bedtime Rituals: Voodoo incantations, human sacrifice, fussing and nursing.

Also good is the page entitled “My First Bath.”

Where (tub? sink?): Kitchen sink. Later baths happened in the tub like normal people.

Who Bathed Me: Mom washed. Dad dried.

My Reaction: Displeasure. Subsequent baths were well received.


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