A Very Detailed Account of Life With Baby (or, For Those Who Wonder What I Do All Day)

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July 10, 2012 by Leah

230 Wake (first of the night; he’s slept for over five hours!), nurse.

440 Wake, change top as I’ve leaked through one I’m wearing, use bathroom, nurse baby a bit.

630 Wake for good. Don shirt, check baby’s diaper, use bathroom, dress baby, say happy birthday (adoption anniversary, really) to Duke, start coffee, change baby’s diaper, get clean diapers from dryer, start load of laundry.

657 Nurse baby.

709 He’s done nursing. Milk dripping everywhere. Go to bathroom. Realize while on toilet that baby is covered in spit up. Put baby on bed. Discover spit up on bed. Get dressed. Change diaper. Put away diaper laundry. Make bed (spit up included).

720 Pour coffee. Baby poops. Put apple crisp in microwave. Step on household ants with bare feet in the process.

725 Change diaper, wash hands, retrieve breakfast from microwave, add yogurt. Sit down for breakfast. Baby does not approve.

728 Determine baby fussing because he is tired. Search for ring sling. Find on back of chair I had been sitting in. Put baby in sling. Baby now crying. Walk baby. He settles. Take vitamin. Baby sad again. Baby happy again.

733 Sit for breakfast. Baby cries after one bite. Eat standing up, dancing around kitchen while chewing.

736 Baby asleep.

737 Baby opens eyes to check that I’m still here.

Pick up kitchen, wash dishes, wipe down counters and sink. Sweep floors, leaving piles to pick up for later. Swap out loads of laundry. Discover Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Vol. 1 in scanner. Remove and shelve.

756 Fold dry laundry currently on drying rack, hang wet laundry.

806 Brush teeth, change baby’s diaper.

809 Leave house.

810 Return to grab birth announcement so OB’s office will have picture of Elias.

811 Get in car.

817 Arrive at Aaron’s office (he will mind the baby during my appointment).

825 Arrive at doctor’s office.

826 A. takes baby to car for diaper change, I fill out postpartum depression screening survey and send a work email.

854 Done at doctor’s office. Not depressed. Also, healed up nicely.

858 Stop home for A’s phone charger.

905 Drop off A. at office.

912 Home.

915 Pour more coffee, grab muffin as am starving.

916 Discover blueberry muffin is moldy.

917 Nurse starving boy.

924 Starving boy is now sleeping boy. Debate whether to put him in crib. Sight-sing some songs from new lullaby book instead.

935 Baby awake.

937 Step in previously collected dirt pile on way through kitchen. Put baby in bouncy seat. Baby protests chair. Seems okay with tummy time.

938 Swap out laundry. Discover blackened banana peel in washer.

939 Baby asleep. Tummy time fail.

941 Pick up baby, place in co-sleeper (aka bassinet, aka baby bed).

943 Heat some polenta, check on baby (he is yawning).

945 Track food online, eat.

946 Check on baby – he is smiling!

948 Start Fisher Price seahorse to entertain baby while I pump milk.

949 Start pumping.

954 Stop as baby has gotten progressively more distressed.

955 Nurse baby a tad.

957 Change baby’s diaper.

1000 Walk around holding baby while he sucks on his hand, pick up socks, bottles, etc.

1004 Put baby in bouncer, fuss w Roomba. Consider getting other vacuum out of closet, decide against.

1007 Baby done with bouncer.

1010 Try to determine reason for crying. Decide baby is tired.

1014 Nurse tired boy.

1025 Boy is asleep. Return two emails.

1037 Consider putting baby in bed.

1046 Move baby to bed, waking him in the process. Hope he goes back to sleep. Sweep up kitchen dirt piles.

1049 Baby crying, pick him up and rock him.

1052 Put sleeping baby back in bed.

1053 Hear single cry from baby; clean Roomba.

1056 Check on baby: sleeping.

1101 Same. Do some work on manuscript I’m editing.

1116 Crying.

1118 Barking. Retrieve baby.

1120 Change diaper; restock diaper bag after morning outing.

1126 Crying.

1127 Check mail.

1128 Baby burps. Baby cries.

1131 Insert pacifier, bliss!

Open present with one hand.

1135 Sleeping boy in arms. Snuggle him for a while.

1137 Put baby in bed.

1138 Write two sentences of thank you note.

1139 Crying; don sling, insert baby, discover pumped milk from earlier sitting on bedside table.

1141 Freeze milk, wash bottles and pump parts. Write four thank you notes.

1221 Find self at loose ends with sleeping baby on chest.

1225 Edit some more.

1245 Make open face avocado melt.

1256 Retrieve lunch, burn hand on toaster.

1257 Dog sees fly in kitchen window, begins growling. Direct him outside.

1259 Notice a gorgeous tiger swallowtail in tree outside window.

100 Sit for lunch.

106 Let dog in.

107 Dog barks at fly, wakes baby.

110 Baby grunts, goes back to sleep.

114 Baby waking for real. He’s sad. He dozes.

117 Baby wakes to poop.

120 Baby still trying to wake. Diaper change = happy boy.

121 Crying boy. Baby farts.

122 Baby looks suspicious of me, but is not crying.

123 Crying boy again.

124 Hiccup boy.

125 Diaper check.

126 Nursing boy; keeps popping off nipple to flail his topmost arm wildly.

143 Done nursing.

144 Try to induce baby to burp. Realize light fixture needs dusting.

147 Kiss and pat baby in time while humming theme from The Pink Panther.

159 Leave for birthday shopping.

Baby rides in car seat or sling and mostly snoozes or looks around.

3ish Have leaked through shirt. Go to Walmart anyway. Unsung benefit of babywearing – no one will be able to see giant wet spot.

330 Home.

340 Change diaper.

343 Put new pacis on to boil.

344 Warm up apple crisp, remove ant from person.

Eat crisp

349 Dry boiled pacis.

350 Nurse baby.

411 Finish nursing. Consider making packing and meal/shopping lists for upcoming trip.

416 Tummy time and read four new books.

427 Change diaper.

429 Pick baby’s outfit for tomorrow. Sort through some clothes (put things in too small bin, add smaller 6 month sizes to rotation).

Laundry /play with baby.

5 Daddy is home!

Open Duke’s presents. Pet dog. Have beer with hubby while playing with dog and baby. Try to determine if baby favors one brand of paci over another.

524 Nurse. Discuss my lack of skill at Words With Friends. Baby snoozes.

535 I start getting desperately hungry again (hangry, you might say).

540 Baby wakes up and does this: nurse, flail, nurse, drop boob, nurse, look around, bob head furiously, nurse, close eyes, drop boob, bob head with eyes closed, etc.

554 Baby lets go of boob. Seems asleep.

555 Put baby in bed. Dog barks. Turn on stove. Baby cries. Dog barks. Aaron rescues baby.

600 Aaron checks diaper.

605 I eat cherries like starving person while waiting for sausages to cook. Aaron tries to reason with baby.

607 Baby will not see reason. Is cuddled anyway.

608 Boys watch all-star game. Baby unhappy about it.

609 Baby nurses. Sausages ready.

617 Ask for sausage to be delivered to couch. Baby starts crying. Go to table to eat sausage while holding baby. Baby stops crying. Eat sausage and some salad one-handed. Attempt to also read paper.

625 Baby getting cranky. Go eat more cherries on way to couch.

628 More distracted nursing.

636 Truly pathetic sounds emanate from baby. Aaron still finishing dinner.

638 Sing some blues. Baby likes!

642 Change diaper.

647 Put baby in Ergo.

648 Go out for walkies!

708 Arrive home with sleeping baby.

710 Put baby in bed.

712 Baby is awake and crying.

713 Mix up some deodorant as am totally out.

718 Nurse hot and presumably thirsty boy.

722 Baby pops off, seeming sleepy and satisfied.

725 Baby wakes up, latches on.

726 Baby does more of this: flail, hit self in head (or scratch mom), pop off boob, cry, get latch assistance, repeat.

728 Baby is half asleep, sorta flutter sucking.

731 Remove baby from my person.

733 Hand baby to Aaron.

737 Mommy gets a shower!

743 Run bath.

748 Baby arrives for Mommy-baby bathtime.

758 Baby gets out and gets a clean diaper.

801-802 Baby is eased into nightwear (a onesie since it’s so hot) in hopes that he won’t start screaming as per usual.

804 We read “Goodnight Moon” in bed.

807 We nurse a little.

813 Baby does more of the fuss, bob, hit self routine.

815 Walk around house, patting baby and singing.

821 Baby goes to Aaron. Baby cries because Aaron is sitting. I go pee anyway.

827 I discover baby does not like waltzing or “Tooraloora.” Maybe he objects to both. Or the combination of the two.

828 We go nurse lying down.

830 Baby’s eyes are closed.

845 Baby falls off nipple, is really sleeping.

850 Move baby to cosleeper. He does not wake up!

851 Finish beer I started at 5.

852 Have cereal because I’m starving again. Edit this document after sending from my phone.

952 Post blog entry.

1000 Head to bed.


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