An Improbable Solution

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April 17, 2012 by Leah

First world problem: Discovering that there’s a super-cool-seeming newborn attachment for the fancy high chair someone amazing bought you and then discovering that it’s not available in the U.S.

I mean, how freaking awesome would this be? We don’t have a swing or a bouncer or an infant car seat, so I love the idea of having somewhere I can put a small infant that’s safe, secure, and not on the ground (where I can step on/drop something on/trip over said infant) or on the counter (because I once hurled myself off the kitchen counter while sitting in a bouncy seat and I’m pretty sure that’s why I was an English major rather than a biophysicist, as was the original plan). I’m planning on wearing baby a lot, but it would probably be best NOT to wear baby while, say, cooking. Heat + knives + tiny offspring = bad.

Luckily for me, Aaron is highly sympathetic. When I was lamenting the situation today, he suggested we just take a quick trip to the Continent. Apparently there’s a new CD out in Russia that he wants to buy.


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