New-Old Things


April 4, 2012 by Leah

As a sort of belated housewarming/”you’re-going-to-inherit-it-anyway” present, my Grandma sent us some antique family furniture from New England. It arrived this morning. We’re beyond thrilled and, as Aaron said: “This is so great that nobody had to die for us to get all this!”

Here are some pictures for the three of you I’ve been texting this morning:

Brass warming pan (Wright family) and sleepy dog (Bailey family).

Cradle settee from the Davis family. I've loved this piece since I can remember. The idea is you stick a baby behind the slats and sit and rock while doing needlework or whatever.

Close-up of some of the faded detailing on cradle settee.

Assorted objects. Country Queen Ann chair (Wright family), mahogany dining table (Davis family), Chinese brass bowl, and copper tub (both Wright family).

Wooden box with brass. C. 1880. From Miss Wright's School for Girls.

My great-great aunt was the Miss (Lila) Wright in question; her brother Guier Scott Wright, my great-grandfather, was the headmaster. My great-grandmother, Dorothy Francelia Battles, was the Latin teacher. Amo, amas, amat, and all that.

Windsor chair, most likely made at the Battles farm (where my great-grandma grew up) in Brockton, MA, with small stool from the Wright family.

This chair is just place-holding in the nursery right now. A rocker from the Bailey family will eventually go there (still with the footstool).

End table with pewter coffee pot (both from the Wright family); 18th century Philadelphia slat chair.

My great-great grandmother (Florence Guier Scott) Wright's mahogany desk, c. 1910 with Victorian chair (also from the Wright family).

Inside of desk. Overexposed dog.

Aaron also said, “Now we really need hardwood floors and throw rugs.” So ripping up  carpet is definitely in our future. Just not the immediate future, as Aaron’s been busy shoring up security due to a recent burglary, and after that he will get back on digging and building in the garden. Speaking of which, I need to go transplant some seedlings.


3 thoughts on “New-Old Things

  1. lahancock says:

    Awesome furniture!

  2. Marla says:

    wonderful wonderful wonderful!!! you most definitely need hardwood floors.

  3. Holly Wright Wilson says:

    Hi, Leah! So cool to see these things and read about them and know that you are enjoying them. I’m your first cousin-once removed (I think). Your dad is my first cousin. My dad was Scott Wright, your grandmother’s brother. I am also interested in antiques and family pieces, so I was thrilled to see your blog!

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