In Which I Covet Good Hair


January 25, 2012 by Leah

I’ve been taking this Moms-to-Be swim class at the Y on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I love it. I love the excuse to hang out in water for an hour, I love how the aches and pains in my ribcage magically disappear when I’m in the pool, I love the camaraderie, I love that it’s a good workout, and I love being able to discuss all things pregnancy and baby with an audience who won’t get bored with the topic.

Some of the women have known each other forever, some just moved here, some are about 12 and some are in their 30s like me (gasp), some are plump (me again), some are skinny, one is due next month and one is due in June, some are planning epidurals, one is planning a homebirth. Every time someone says, “So, has anyone booked a maternity photo shoot yet?” – which is something in which I am SO not interested – there’s usually someone else to talk to about appropriate brands of laundry soap to use on cloth diapers. Clearly, there’s a wide variety of opinions on just about every topic, and yet we are all respectful of one another and enjoy our time together.

Yesterday I walked in to the Y a little later than usual and saw some pregnant people whom I did not recognize. In the locker room, I realized that they were my classmates but that people look different when they are not wet with scraped-back hair. And then I was overcome with fits of jealousy because, when not in the pool, they all have really nice hair. Like, cut and styled and highlighted and shit. The kind of hair I covet but refuse to spend money or time to achieve. (And let’s not forget that chemical exposure business.) It was enough to drive me to forget all that camaraderie B.S. I’ve been spouting. These women have the kind of hair that maybe can make you forget you’re pregnant and running around town looking like a pale, color-blind manatee.

I went home and related this to Aaron, whining heavily when I got to the “they all have good hair” part.

His response: “What are you, in high school?”

What I wanted him to say: “Maybe you should go get a haircut.”

The whole thing is bizarre. I’m not usually particularly covetous. I need to train myself not to compare me or my baby with other moms or babies, otherwise I’ll probably find fault everywhere and be totally miserable. In the meantime, I might just book myself in for a haircut at an organic salon.


5 thoughts on “In Which I Covet Good Hair

  1. lahancock says:

    Definitely go get your hair cut! You will feel like a million bucks….okay maybe $30, but you will love how your hair will look after a trim. Especially because all of those wonderful prenatal vitamins and the fact that your hair stops falling out while pregnant, will make your hair look grand right out of the salon.

    Don’t worry, I feel that way about my hair sometimes too. As I’ve aged, it has gotten darker and I’ve been ohh so tempted sometimes to go get it highlighted, which I’ve never done. I always chicken out because I’m cheap.

    I’m really happy you found a class with people to bond with. I’m kind of jealous, I need to see if they have a prenatal swim class to join. That sounds like fun. And I will be one of those people that want a maternity photo session. 🙂 I’ve never had one done, but I take tons of photos of my pregnant belly. I like to see in the months after having the baby that in fact, I have lost weight and that I was much bigger than I am at that moment. Plus, I want my boys to have images of me while pregnant, I wish I had more photos of my mom when she was pregnant with me. She doesn’t really like to get her photo taken much, so I’ve only ever seen one pregnancy photo of her.

    • I’m with your mom on how I feel about having my photo taken. Aaron has been taking some shots that are just hanging out on our camera in case I ever want to see them, but I probably won’t because I am lumpy. I feel like my belly growth mirrors that of a child’s growth – I get kind of flabby and floppy and spread out to the sides, and then baby grows and my belly tightens up and my arms thin out and my belly sticks out more. Repeat. This is probably complete nonsense, but I’m currently in a flabby and floppy stage. Perhaps I should add lap-swimming to my weekend activities. Anyway, yes, I’m scheduling a haircut today (but salons don’t open until 9!). And good call on highlights because once you start you need to keep having them done and it’s a vicious and expensive cycle. You’ll end up platinum blonde by the time you’re 50. (At least, that’s my theory about some of those unfortunately blonde women of a certain age.)

  2. Christina says:

    Girl, go get yourself a nice haircut! I am getting mine cut today – probably the last one pre-baby. And go to an Aveda salon or some place that isn’t so chemical laden. I haven’t noticed that my hair is any better while pregnant, so maybe that means it will not all fall out post-baby. But in all seriousness, “get thee to a salon” and at least you’ll be able to smile at your hair when you look at yourself in the mirror.

  3. Maria Benner says:

    I also refuse to spend $45 on a hair cut. Just growing mine out.

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