Preliminary Baby Checklist


January 12, 2012 by Leah

So, we had the ultrasound and we don’t know anything more than we did two days ago. I was not a fan of the procedure (too many of my questions were answered with “because that’s the protocol of this particular radiology group”) and I kind of wish I hadn’t gone. That said, I’m moving on.

I’ve started The List people kept asking me about last fall. You know, the one about what we’re getting for baby. I thought I’d publicize how I’m doing with all this preparation.


I think a dedicated changing table is a ridiculous piece of furniture and would be happy to just use a changing pad, but Aaron doesn’t want to be changing poopy diapers on our bed for some reason. We thought about a dresser with a changing pad on top, but then discovered this collapsible changing table from IKEA.

  • Crib – Aaron’s mom bought us a great one at a consignment shop.
  • Crib mattress, organic – I bought one, and on sale.
  • Changing table – We are going to seek the one we want this weekend.
  • Dresser – uhhh…
  • High chair – uhhh…


I’m going to breastfeed, and probably for so long that I start to make my relatives feel uncomfortable. Plus, I’m not planning on working after Sprocket is born, unless it’s from home.  (Editing gigs will be happily accepted.) Thus, I don’t technically need a breast pump, but some advice from a friend convinced me it would be mighty handy to be able to hand feedings off to someone else. (Plus, having a stockpile of baby’s food appeals to my post-apocalyptic imaginings.) Then, another friend gave me her old double electric breast pump. Serendipitous.

  • Breast pump – I have a Medela Pump-in-Style with about five million accessories.
  • Bottles – I’ll buy a 3-pack of Evenflo glass bottles with sleeves (we drop stuff a lot).
  • Nursing pads –Buying Lanacare wool pads.
  • Nursing bras – I have a few hand-me downs to try, the rest will need to be found and bought. Ick.
  • Lanolin – It looks like I can use this stuff as nipple cream and to lanolize my wool diaper covers! Score one for sheep secretions.


  • Carseat – The Britax Roundabout 55 has good ratings, fits in a Prius, and will last through toddlerhood.
  • Baby carriers – We’re getting a couple of Moby wraps from a friend, and buying a long woven wrap for me and an Ergo for Aaron/hiking.
  • Stroller – I freaking hate strollers. Please don’t make me get one.


We’re cloth diapering, much to the chagrin of some people I know, but this makes the most sense for us based on the fact that we hate the lack of durability in today’s culture of disposability and planned obsolescence.  (Seriously, we don’t have any paper towels in the house.) This is probably worthy of an entirely separate post, but here’s where I think we’re going to start. Also, I’m hoping to buy some if not all of the diapers used.

  • Two dozen newborn size Cloth-eez organic prefold diapers – They are so handy that even if our baby quickly outgrows them, we will use them. My mom still uses my old cloth diapers to clean her flute.
  • Three dozen size small Cloth-eez organic prefold diapers
  • Three-pack of Snappis
  • An assortment of diaper covers: maybe three of different styles in a newborn size, three in size small, two one-size-fits-all like BumGenius, and whatever soakers I knit up?
  • Peri-bottle and wipes
  • Wetbag
  • Diaper sprayer

Other soft goods

  • Crib sheets, organic – Four: two flannel, two regular
  • Onesies, organic – 1 dozen 0-3 months, 1 dozen 3-6 months
  • Random cute things I knit between now and then
  • Baby quilt – My mom is making one!
  • Curtains for spare bedroom
  • Boppy and covers – getting from friends, yay!
  • Bath sponge (the kind you can lay baby on in sink or tub)

We also have an amazing assortment of new and hand-me-down clothes, blankets, stuffed animals, etc. already given to us by our lovely friends and relatives, so that’s why I don’t have, like, clothes on here. Plus, Sprocket is coming at the beginning of summer and I think it will probably spend a lot of time wearing nothing but a diaper.

So… Anything critical I’m missing? Other than, like, one of those baby medical kits?


14 thoughts on “Preliminary Baby Checklist

  1. Leigh Anne says:

    This is my favorite baby registry list ever! You have it down. Nothing extra, just what you need and all really cool things. Maybe I will make you a few extra items too. Super excited for you guys. Sorry the ultrasound wasnt your favorite. I didn’t really enjoy mine with Liam’s much. Yes cool to see him looking like a rock em sock em robot, but otherwise, it didn’t do much for me.

  2. David G says:

    Finger nail clippers, those things get sharp! ouch!

  3. Kristina says:

    It felt like Ruth was going to claw my face off today!

    burp cloths- we use the cheap gerber cloth diapers.

    Also, try figure out the moby before your belly gets big. I didn’t get (not a moby but a wrap style) mine until month 8.5 and by then I was too big to figure out properly and ended up never getting the hang of it (would just steal David’s Baby Bjorn).

    A couple more diaper covers would probably not go unused…

  4. Anna says:

    I don’t even know what like 1/3 of these things are. E.g. what’s a boppy?

    • Haha. Boppy: nursing pillow you can also prop baby in. Bumbo: hard plastic chair that babies can “sit” in when they’re learning to sit, comes with detachable tray for play/feeding. Diaper sprayer: Like the sprayers on the sides of kitchen sinks, except attaches to your toilet so you can spray the contents of diapers directly into said commode. Wetbag: waterproof bag, sometimes with odor control, for containing soiled diapers until you can get to your diaper sprayer/washing machine. Bath sponge: just a giant under-$10 sponge you can lay baby on while bathing. I don’t plan to bathe Sprocket a lot unless it actually gets dirty, but our kitchen sink is wide and shallow and should work perfectly with a bath sponge and then we don’t have to get one of those plastic tubs. Peri bottles are actually designed for cleaning one’s perineum but are also apparently great for using to wet baby bottoms and/or wipes during diaper changes. thing?did I cover every

      • Anna says:

        Nursing pads? Nipple cream? Other than that, yes fanks 🙂

        Also, don’t you need some of those giant cloth menstrual pads for your stretched-out vajayjay just after birth? Sorry to be gross…

      • Kristina says:

        Stool softeners are also handy. And breakfast in bed. From the hospital you’ll probably get the nose aspirator bulb thingy, peri bottle (but you’ll need it for yourself), some blankets, a bag of diapers, some wipes…I think that’s about it… They also gave us a birthday cake, which was fun, but am not sure how standard that is…

      • And, dude, I hope someone gives me breakfast in bed. Somehow I doubt that will happen, though. Aaron thinks eating in bed is gross.

    • Nursing pads are wool pads you stick in your bra to catch excess milk. Nipple cream is stuff you rub on your cracked and sore nipples to make them feel better. And yes, I got the postpartum kit plus extra pads from – it was like the first thing I got because I figured I’d need them no matter what happened.

      • Anna says:

        When does one use stool softeners? On oneself or baby?

        Also: Nose aspirator bulb thingy?

        This is all new to me….

      • Kristina says:

        For one’s self; things get a bit…different…sore…shall we say? Stool softeners just makes it easier to get it out without trying too hard or being too painful. The nose thing is for baby, since they don’t blow if you tell them to blow, you can just go right in and suck out the gunk so they can breath more easily (though my SIL was told by her daughter’s pediatrician that she shouldn’t have used it a certain time as it made things worse? I don’t know. We use ours only every now and then because I didn’t want to accidentally use it at the wrong time, even though I don’t know when the wrong time would be, other than not having a runny nose)

  5. Kristina says:

    After the birth he’ll have different perspective of “gross.” D said, it was beautiful and wonderful, but still a bit gross.

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