Move Update (Slightly Encouraging)

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October 22, 2011 by Leah

Six days later and the end is in sight. We got the final loan condition settled with cooperation from a staff person at the VA in Long Beach. Our household goods are coming from Seattle either Tuesday or Wednesday, and the sellers have allowed us to sign a rental agreement for said goods – meaning, we can have the movers put everything in the house, but we can’t live there or have a key until we’ve closed. The whole point of the agreement is so that our rental insurance will cover any potential losses between now and when the house changes hands. As long as the furniture is in the house and we don’t have to deal with getting it from the garage into the house (an awkward proposition, to say the least), I will be happy. The best news of all is that our banker called the seller’s agent and told him that everything is, indeed, on track to close on the 28th. Which is next Friday.

So, I don’t know when we’re moving or how we’re going to deep-clean the RV until we get the keys to our house (and therefore our vacuum). But it’s looking like we have under two weeks! The latest in RV living is that we ran out of gas when I was about 80% done cooking dinner the other night. So now we can’t cook and we have no hot water. Aaron tried to unhook the gas container to go get it refilled and ended up breaking some kind of connector (this happened with the trailer hitch, too – Aaron talks to his grandpa who tells him these things are sticky and it’s okay to use some force when unhooking them, then bam! they’re broken). That said, our lives aren’t really that different. We were already using the communal showers, and our diets have been going steadily downhill as I get increasingly stressed out by work and our living situation. We’ve ordered pizza like three times in the past month. I’ve been buying commercial bread products and boxed mac and cheese. Yesterday I told Aaron to buy cereal (and then he went and bought nasty factory-farmed 1% milk to go with). I’ve been eating a lot of ice cream. For people who were eating whole, unprocessed foods (less tortilla chips and chocolate) 90% of the time during our sojourn in Long Beach, this is a major change, and one I’m really not happy about (but I’m also kind of too exhausted to care that much). I know things will improve once we have a house and a full-sized fridge and I can buy and cook in bulk and freeze or otherwise store things and rely on handy machines like food processors and stand mixers, so that’s definitely something to look forward to.

As soon as we get into the house, I plan to have a nice long bath and then immediately paint the kitchen cupboards. Oh, we also need to take some steps with fencing to make the yard escape-proof so that Duke can fully enjoy his new home. Then we can get going on things like arranging furniture and cooking real food again. I’m actually getting so excited I’m not totally daunted by the amount of work this is all going to take. Yet. In the meantime, Aaron’s grandparents invited us and our laundry down to Ione, OR for a relaxing visit tonight. So we need to pack up the dog and the dirty laundry and hit the road.


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