In Which I Discover I’m Kind of a Material Girl


October 1, 2011 by Leah

This weekend marks five weeks since I left Long Beach and Aaron arrived in Walla Walla. In that period of time, I’ve gotten a job and we are most of the way through the agonizingly awful home-buying process (next week is our appraisal and then we are just waiting on the bank to finish up). We have a new dentist, chiropractor, yoga studio, and vet (well, Duke does). We’ve been to some great and not-so-great local restaurants, we went camping, and I went on vacation to the big city (Portland) while Aaron jetted off to D.C. for five days. Clearly, we are pretty amazing – and yet, none of this quite manages to diminish the fact that we have spent the last five weeks with a trailer as our home base and very few of our worldly goods. I think I am slowly beginning to lose my mind.

I keep misplacing things, like my work laptop battery (that had been attached to the laptop and in a backpack) and a mostly-knitted hat. Everything is covered with dog hair. I even found dog hair on the inside of my bra. All of our lighters stopped working suddenly, so now I’m burning my fingers every time I light the stove (which would be three times a day – more if I want tea at an odd hour). I don’t really have an office, so my days are spent driving around town from coffee shop to theater to RV to theater to store in an incredibly guilt-inducing and inefficient manner.

I’m beginning to miss stuff. It’s sad, because I’d love to call myself a minimalist when it comes to stuff, but I’m not. I really miss having a kitchen. I miss my pirate clogs. I miss my bedding. I’ve wanted to refer to or read a TON of my books in the past few weeks (everything by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Wuthering Heights, and cookbooks to name a few) and have no address so I can’t get a library card.

I desperately miss having a bathtub. And multiple rooms. I can’t wait until I can cook in one room, watch a movie in another, and sleep in a third. My mom sent a gift certificate to Macy’s to tide me over until my things arrive, which was awesome (particularly as I only packed three pairs of socks for what I knew would be at least a six-week sojourn and it’s getting COLD at night), but also means I now have to do laundry less frequently, so the dirty laundry is slowly taking over the miniscule amount of floor space (that which is not taken up by the dog bed and bowls and toys, anyway).

Duke misses his couches, big windows, his yard, and chasing feral cats.

Aaron… I asked Aaron what he misses, and his response was:

“I’m trying to think if I miss anything. Not really. Although I do think about my Xbox from time to time.”

He is so infuriating. Maybe I’ll go buy myself a new book.


2 thoughts on “In Which I Discover I’m Kind of a Material Girl

  1. Kathy_A says:

    I bet you a million dollars that when you tell you grandchildren about this adventure, it takes on a cachet of romantic pioneering that will awe them!

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