A Rocky Transition Back Into the Workforce


September 20, 2011 by Leah

For the three of you who don’t know this yet: I got a new job.

I’m the Events Coordinator for what’s basically a start-up theater here, and since we have a two-week run of a show next month and are converting an industrial loft space into a semi-permanent nightclub over the next three weeks, there is much to do.


Also, omg!

After not working for 16 months, the transition is ROUGH. It’s not the early mornings that bother me (I was never the sleeping-in sort of unemployed slacker), and it’s definitely not the paycheck or the chance to use the creative side of my brain in a professional setting. (Although my brain is creaking and protesting mightily as I dredge it for all the arts management knowledge I know is still in there.) It’s more that I’m ever-so-slightly chafing at being at someone’s beck and call suddenly. Which is funny, because I really like my new boss and coworkers, and I love that my work will have observable outcomes (I may post pictures of the nightclub transformation). Yet, when they handed me a company mobile, I freaked out a little (silently). The job was advertised as being part-time, temporary, and suddenly we’re talking “probably full-time, we’ll see what your hours end up being like” and there’s no end in sight. Which is great! I’m employed! But it’s overwhelming! And sudden!

I think I need a couple of days for my brain to catch up with my new situation. Any kind of Events job involves a ton of back-and-forth, beck-and-call, and running around by definition. I was fully aware of that going in. Part of my problem is that I was offered the job on Sunday afternoon (while in Portland), had a meeting about terms that evening (once back in Walla Walla), and started work yesterday (Monday) morning, so none of this has really sunk in yet. (Big thanks to Aaron for doing laundry on Sunday night.)

In addition to the new theater gig, Bailey Editing business is also really picking up. I edited a really fun and unique book proposal last week, and I’m working on a fairly large writing project this week. The current project is actually really good for me; I’m writing up some reports on Urban Indian Health Centers that may end up with policy-making sorts of people. Doing work in this area makes me feel like I’m involved in making a difference, however peripherally. (Thanks for the job, Rick.)

Clearly, I have better things to be doing than blogging. I’m genuinely happy to have lots of meaningful work to do. I am also happy about some extra income. I’m going to try to limit myself to one massage and one new pair of shoes, after which I’ll start funneling my wages into a kitchen remodel fund.


One thought on “A Rocky Transition Back Into the Workforce

  1. Marla says:

    how about a weekly massage and two new pairs of shoes?

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