In Which I Thank My Lucky Stars…


September 15, 2011 by Leah

…I will only buy a few homes over the course of my lifetime, because the process SUCKS.

Here’s a handy tip for future homebuyers: be in town while you’ve got an offer on a house – it might make signing paperwork easier.

Then again, it probably wouldn’t lessen the ridiculous number of phone calls you’re required to field.

(On the plus side, I have gotten very comfortable using my in-laws’ computer equipment while going through the print, sign, scan, email across the country, print, countersign, scan, forward to broker, etc. process.)

Our broker is calling me to bug me about getting the paperwork regarding a title signed. I’m nagging Aaron to sign said paperwork. Aaron is in DC, being trained to become a Senior Resident Engineer (vs. the lowly Resident Engineer he is now), so he’s really kinda busy. He’s asking me what this title business means. I’m telling him I have no idea, nor do I particularly care, and to call the broker.

Oh, did I mention the seller accepted our counter to their counter-offer? Woohoo? Yeah, not so much. I mean, cool, but really I just want a house to live in. I don’t want to go through this mysterious “closing” process that is supposed to take from now until October 30th. I’m freaking out that the mortgage lender will laugh us out of town when we show up without a certain 2009 tax form that is, apparently, required in order for us to secure a mortgage.

[This is kind of a long story. The lady who gave us a pre-approval letter told us we had to have Aaron’s 2009 W-2, not mine. We couldn’t find it. He ordered some official form that has the same information as the W-2 from the IRS. Thanks to the fact that our address is a perpetually moving target, we haven’t seen said form. Hence my expectation that we will be run out of town on charges of aiding and abetting usurers or some such. Aaron, of course, is sure everything will work out fine.)

In fact, Aaron is almost always sure everything will work out fine, and so far, it always has. He is known in his family for having somewhat ridiculous good luck. It hasn’t won us the lottery yet (not that Aaron doesn’t try), but it kept him alive during the Years of Dangerous Stupidity (this is a life stage I believe we all go through between about 16 and about 25). His luck kept us from getting into trouble when we moved into our last house without permission. It’s also smoothed our way at several other junctures, none of which I can recall.]

Anyway, we’re well stuck in to the house-buying process. It’s annoying (particularly for introverts who like to manage all transactions over the interwebs), but I think we will appreciate the end result.

In other news, I’m having a fantastic vacation in Portland while Aaron is off in Our Nation’s Capital, working hard.


One thought on “In Which I Thank My Lucky Stars…

  1. David G says:

    Here is a link that I thought I gave you earlier, but I couldn’t find the comment. It describes in detail the process of buying a home. It is 38 pages of info, so it takes time to read, but it is broken down into well defined sections. Good luck and congratulations.


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