In Which We Avoid Unnecessary Driving

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August 19, 2011 by Leah

Aaron is really a stickler for avoiding unnecessary driving. We take the bus downtown on nights out, use bikes (him more than me as I’m not a huge fan of biking), and he’s always horrified when I take the car out for a single errand. Sometimes, though, our rigorous standards cause problems. Like when Aaron went to the store to rent a DVD from the red box the other night.

Ten minutes after he left, this happened:

He takes my bike because it has two working pedals and a seat with a cover.

At least he had the good sense not to expect me to hop on his bike (which sports a bolt wrapped in the remains of a sock and some duct tape in place of a pedal) on command. It was exactly because of said good sense and humility that I was planning to take his bike and meet him anyway (I can’t deal with people telling me what to do, but given an opportunity to be nice I will sometimes take it). It took me so long to find his wallet that we just did a hand-off in front of the house, though. And, later, we very much enjoyed the movie.


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