In Which Move Plans Creep Along


August 19, 2011 by Leah

So, two big move-related things have happened today.

First, after agonizing about finances and being generally terrified by the idea of buying a house, I made an appointment to talk to a mortgage lender at the local branch of our bank tomorrow. Her assistant seemed to think it would be no problem to get us outfitted with a pre-approval letter that we can take with us to Walla Walla (once he asked a few key questions).  I know very little about how one goes about buying a home, but I know one needs a pre-approval letter, and just making the appointment was a huge relief.  My fingers are crossed, but I think we are good candidates. We have good to excellent credit scores (although both Aaron and I have forgotten about a payment or two that have subsequently been late during the last three-month period – stress?), Aaron has a very stable job with a good income, and we don’t have expectations of buying a home beyond our means. If we have to put down 5%, take an eight-hour class, and get an FHA loan, that’s okay. (I think we’ll be able to do 10% and get a fixed-rate mortgage directly from the bank, but it’s hard to say.) At least we will have some equity the next time we go to buy a house, which is more than we can say after 15 months of renting. Plus, if (I mean, when) I get a job, we will be able to put money away or pay off student loans because we won’t have purchased so much house that it needs two salaries to sustain it. (We are fortunate to be moving to a place where that’s even a possibility.)

The second thing is that we have a forwarding address. It is General Delivery. The idea of walking into the post office and inquiring after mail makes me feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder, but apparently this is still a viable option (for up to 30 days) as long as you fill out a little pink card. A nice lady named Bridget who works at the post office in Walla Walla told me so. Try it the next time you’re on an extended vacation!

Oh, and a representative from the moving company came to do a walk-through of the house, which basically means he took an inventory so they will know how many boxes (and of what type) to bring. He was a very nice, but very sad man, as he was broken up with by his girlfriend on Wednesday and had visited the VA campus (where our house is) with her just last week. Duke thought he was the bee’s knees, so I’m less worried about Duke being around when the real movers are here next Thursday.

So, things seem to be going along just swimmingly! Or, they will be as soon as I can find our last two years’ tax returns…


One thought on “In Which Move Plans Creep Along

  1. David G says:

    Thoroughly read this website and you’ll know more than you ever thought there was to know about buying a home. It will take a while, but there is tons of information on this site. Good luck.

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