Fermented Chili Sauce

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August 18, 2011 by Leah

My last garden project is underway. While I’m not particularly verklempt about leaving California, I’m kind of sad about the missed opportunity for late-summer and fall gardening. (I’m also sad about leaving my awesome neighbors.)

So, to capitalize on a really productive bush in the garden and to bring a little bit of California with us, I’m making  fermented hot chili sauce. I’m using a recipe from the latest edition of Mother Earth News, and chilis from the serrano and poblano bushes in my garden that long ago collapsed under the weight of the peppers.

Some of the peppers.

The recipe goes: Take some peppers. Puree them in a food processor. Add salt. Let sit for a month. Add vinegar. Let sit for another week. Strain. Bottle.

Here is what the sauce looks like during the “let sit for a month” bit:

Hot chili mash!

So, now we wait. And yes, I will be bringing that jar o’ mash (which is now sporting a cloth hat) with us on the road trip.


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