Pre-Move Ennui

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August 17, 2011 by Leah

As you may have heard, we are moving. From Long Beach, CA to Walla Walla, WA. Next week. Aaron is busy finishing up work things for this project, as well as trying to contact/pin-down our government-supplied move counselor(s?). In all fairness, I am actually pretty impressed with how things are going. We got word of the transfer a week and a half ago, and within 10 days the movers were scheduled, my travel plans were set, and we had rounded up a place to stay once we get to Walla Walla. (One of the major perks of moving closer to family members is that they are so happy that they will soon be seeing more of us, they are willing to bend over backward to help in any way they possibly can. E.g., my mother-in-law is flying down in order to turn the drudgery of moving into Epic Road Trip 2011, and Aaron’s grandparents are loaning us their RV to live in while we house hunt.)

I’m not as impressed with the fact that Aaron’s paperwork seems to always get lost, or with the fact that we’re not entirely sure what our financial situation looks like right now thanks to incompetence on the part of the VA, but I’m actually not too worried about this. We will find someplace to live, and on our own terms. When we moved to Long Beach we spent a month (well, Aaron spent two) in an extended-stay hotel, waiting to hear whether we had been approved to move into this house we live in. In Walla Walla, even if we never hear from the helpful mortgage people recommended by the government, I will be able to take myself to a bank, mortgage lender, and/or real estate agent and get the ball rolling. (Did I mention we want to buy a house? I’m freaking terrified.)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… I’ve basically let the garden go, although I did just make a final sweep for onions and garlic to dry and transport. I’m working on sorting out books, shoes, clothes, liquids, and perishables that we no longer want. I’m trying to stay motivated to keep cooking and being productive, even though the impermanence of our situation makes me just want to drive around aimlessly every day and drink wine and order pizza every night. I threw away a chicken carcass the other night since I have more stock than I’m going to use before we go. That sucked. (I also have a bag of frozen chicken feet in the freezer that I’m now not going to use. Maybe I’ll leave those for the feral cats.)

The movers come to do a walk-through on Friday. Until then, I’ll probably keep attempting to sort and clean.  I say attempting because the only thing I seem to be accomplishing with any regularity is wandering through the house, reflecting on the past 15 months, and imagining what our future will look like.


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