Amazing Dinners in Bourgone


July 12, 2011 by Leah

We just arrived in Nice after five days at a borrowed country house in a village called Lormes. I can’t really describe what an amazing, relaxed holiday we had in the Burgundian countryside. Our international posse of seven meandered from lakes to late medieval Romanesque cathedrals to wineries during the day, and our nights were spent cooking, eating, and drinking really nice (and eminently affordable!) wine. We were fortunate to have a full complement of excellent chefs among our party, and that our unseen American hosts had a copy of The Joy of Cooking in their airy, convivial kitchen.

It seems to me the best way of sharing our happy holiday atmosphere might be sharing what we ate. We were in France, after all. Enjoy.


Thursday dinner: Sautéed whiting with a caper-olive-aubergine and other veggie sauce (Anna? What was it called and why can’t I remember?), roast potatoes, and wax beans.

Friday brunch: Red pepper, tomato, and lardons in a fritatta.

Friday dinner: Mexican! Refried beans, rice, a spicy mix of beef and veggies and flour tortillas (baked from scratch).

Saturday brunch: Waffles, eggs, and sausages.

Saturday dinner: Moroccan-inspired stew with couscous and merguez sausages on the side.

Sunday brunch: Kedgeree (made with smoked herring) – perfect on a rainy morning.

Sunday dinner: Lapin a la moutarde (rabbit in mustard – the accompanying sauce was to die for), barbecued pork loin, ratatouille, roast potatoes, and a midnight dessert of tarte tatain (sp?) made with peaches and greengage plums.

Monday brunch: crepes (and other delicious breakfasty things).

Monday dinner: Roast chickens (that we bought from the farmer and that I happily decapitated, post-mortem – this may merit a separate post), artichokes with aioli, leftover Moroccan stew and couscous, potato galette, and a green salad with maple vinaigrette (the lettuce was from a neighbor’s garden).

Parting breakfast: Perfectly poached eggs and sausages.

We also went through countless baguettes, at least two kilos of butter, what seemed like dozens of local cheeses, a small fortune in olives, many bottles of beer, wine, and bubbly, and various and sundry other goodies.

Leaving this morning was so hard it was a little surprising, which really speaks to the quality of the people with whom we spent the last several days. At least Aaron and I can console ourselves with the fact that our vacation isn’t even half over. Yet.


6 thoughts on “Amazing Dinners in Bourgone

  1. Anna says:

    Caponata! 🙂 Had tomatoes, onions and peppers too, but you got most of it 🙂

    Also, it’s spelled tarte tatin.

    Miss you! xoxo

  2. David G says:

    That sounds like heaven. I’m glad your enjoying yourself.

  3. Toby says:

    we are the unseen American Hosts–and you did us proud!!! Thanks for upping the gourmet scale…don’t TELL me you found all these recipes in our Joy of Cooking….so glad you fully enjoyed the house and its surroundings (beer-did you drink the Goudale?) and welcome back!!!

    • Toby! Wow! We are SO grateful for your generosity with your amazing home (and friends who sell us chicken products and give us lettuces). I’m glad you approve of our activity (er, eating) pattern. We used the Joy of Cooking as a reference, mostly – invaluable for flour tortillas but ignored re: ratatouille and kedgeree, e.g. 🙂 And yes, Goudale is delicious. Thank you thank you thank you again!

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