Que Será, Será


June 30, 2011 by Leah

Today, we got word that the impending relocation to Walla Walla is not as certain as we thought it was. The Western division of the VA is so short on engineers that Aaron is actually booked to be in two places at once. The other place we could move would also be great, but the move would take place a few months later. (December, maybe.) The Walla Walla gig would offer a three to five year stay; the other placement would offer more interesting work and autonomy for Aaron, but for a much shorter time. I am trying not to freak out about this, but so much about my life is pending on this next move – wherever, and particularly whenever, we end up.

To wit, here are my to-do lists…

Before move:

  • Have a lovely time in Europe.
  • Enjoy having Allison as a house guest upon our arrival home.
  • Sort through books and take discards to the used bookstore.
  • Visit the beach and the farmers’ market a few more times.
  • Knit some things.

After move:

  • Get approved for mortgage.
  • Buy house.
  • Get fun job.
  • Plan awesome garden.
  • Excel at fun job.
  • Plant and nurture awesome garden.
  • Start raising chickens; consider rabbits.
  • Make local friends.
  • Harvest awesome garden.
  • Find someone who will trade garden veggies and backyard eggs for bodywork.
  • Preserve backyard harvest. [Novella Carpenter wrote in Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer that preserving food is, at its root, an act of hope – and I agree.]
  • Only spend two contiguous hours in the car if destination is over 100 miles away.
  • Have baby.
  • Knit some things.

I am almost a real, official grownup. (I’m pretty sure I will be taken more seriously by people on the stroke of midnight on Sunday, when I will be 30. Although I was born in Singapore, and I will be somewhere between Philadelphia and Zurich, so there’s a time difference to consider.) I should be able to deal with uncertainty by now, right?

Actually, I think I have been dealing with it. I haven’t gone completely over the edge. I discuss possibilities with Aaron and my friends. I know that what happens probably won’t turn out like I imagined, even if I know the name of the town to which we’re moving. I know that this job of Aaron’s, which he likes and which offers both of us more security (income and benefits) than I ever though possible, will include some relocating and some sacrifices.

Apparently, my grandma is telepathic; in the birthday card I received from her today, she wrote (in the context of how much she’s enjoyed getting old and learning along the way):

So far, so good, I say. Eat well, exercise (well, a little anyway), and enjoy life and let come what will come. Que será será .

And she is right. I have a vacation to get to and enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Que Será, Será

  1. Marla says:

    i never felt like an actual grown up til i was somewhere in my 40’s. you have much time to worry about that. xoxo

  2. Megan says:

    Apparently g-ma Rachel is telepathic also, because we were singing this song yesterday! Wild. xoxo

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