In Which the Final Vacation Plans Fall Into Place

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June 23, 2011 by Leah

Duke made a friend yesterday: Bella the Yorkie. Bella’s parents had agreed to housesit for us while we are in Europe, but of course the arrangement was contingent on whether the dogs got along. I’m pleased to report they do.

Duke did a tiny bit of growling and lunging at Bella when she trotted through his gate on her pink leash, but soon after that they started playing and we couldn’t figure out who was dominant. Aaron wonders if the lunging and vocalizing isn’t Duke’s way of being like “Hey! There’s another dog!” Bella was released from her leash and she started trotting around, exploring, and Duke followed her everywhere. He couldn’t get enough of her: sniffing her, just being around her… He didn’t get territorial when she went into his kitchen (where the food is) or his (er, our) bedroom (where he sleeps). He play-growled and pawed at her when she tried to jump into laps for some reason, but mostly they chased and pranced all around the living room. When she decided she was done with him for the moment he pawed at her the same way he paws us when we stop petting him before he’s ready. Aaron calls it his “action requested” movement. She ignored him, as is a woman’s prerogative, and Duke apparently forgot about the incident because he happily shared his toys with her a few minutes later.

It was SO fun having two dogs in the house, and getting to know Aaron’s coworker and his fiancee. They are doing us a huge favor by taking over the house and dog for three weeks, but they also seem pretty excited by the prospect. Maybe because a five-minute commute on foot is nicer than the half-hour (or more) drive from an apartment in Anaheim. Or because there are no roommates. No matter, I’m thrilled.

Bella and her mom will only be here for the first week, after which the plan is that Duke will go out on lots of runs and learn how to play (or at least spectate) Xbox. I’m going to leave a list of fun things to do around here – topped by the Sunday farmers’ market, of course, with our favorite Lebanese restaurant a close second.

Aaron had a premonition (it happens to Bailey men sometimes) that all would go well with the dogs, but I had to see them in action to feel comfortable. Now that I’ve seen how totally happy Duke is with a playmate, I kind of want to get another dog. In the meantime, I’m relieved to know that everything will be in great hands while we are gone. We are so lucky in the people that surround us.



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