Garden 4/14


April 14, 2011 by Leah

Garden 4/14

I think this was taken nine days after the last pictures. It was definitely taken today.

We’ve had three big salads from the lettuce (which is peeking from behind the collards) and I’m hoping for squash and broccoli soon. The squash is supposed to be mature in two days, but since it hasn’t flowered yet, I doubt this will be the case. The broccoli is supposed to be ready in five days.

The peppers and tomatoes I bought as seedlings are flowering, and I ate a strawberry the other day. The bugs that eat leaves have found my garden, but there is also a lot of bee and ladybug activity. If things get too bad I’ll mount a lighted expedition at night to pick off any creepy-crawlers I find on the undersides of leaves.

I’ve had some issues with my seeds. The ever-so-frugal toilet paper tubes are pretty flimsy when they get wet, are investigated by animals (Duke, birds, cats, who knows, but I lost two seed “pots” the first night), or are disrupted by the gardeners.

After the gardeners

This havoc plus the fact that water has removed several of the markings I made on the outside of the tubes means I’m going to have no idea what is what when these things start coming up.

The gardeners also gave my onions a haircut.

Shorn onions

I started more seeds a couple of days ago, and those are staying inside where they are safe from everything but me (yeah, I stepped on the cookie sheet, so there’s dirt on the carpet and we have no working vacuum…) or Duke chasing flies. I made little flags from Aaron’s seemingly endless supply of twist ties and my special freezer tapes, figuring I needed a more secure system for identifying seedlings than writing on the cardboard tubes themselves.

My idea for killing the grass underneath compost bags was probably a good one, but the killing was not complete after a week, when I had to move the bags off the lawn for the gardeners. Heck, the grass has probably entirely rejuvenated after one day without plastic. I should probably get back out there with a tarp and see about killing the grass more completely. Or I could just hack at the ground with a shovel until I have a semblance of a garden bed. Luckily, I have very few sprouts in my motley collection of seed trays, so I have some time to think about this.


2 thoughts on “Garden 4/14

  1. David G says:

    For seed trays, look up news paper pots for another options.

    For markers that you stick into the seed trays/pots try cutting up plastic bottles and writing on them in permanent markers.

  2. […] rest of the garden is still growing like crazy. (Here’s the last update for comparison.) I’ve discovered some slugs on the broccoli, so I’m going to bury a […]

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