Carrying On


April 12, 2011 by Leah

We got word late last Friday that even if the government shut down this week, Aaron’s particular division of the VA would be rerouting some “carryover” funds to keep all the VA construction projects going for one week. While this was a really good thing from my perspective as a taxpayer and erstwhile project manager (dead time on a construction site = SO EXPENSIVE), I was ever so slightly bummed out as I was working on a nice list of “furlough projects” for Aaron. I guess I will just have to scrounge up some shipping pallets and turn them into garden bed frames on my own time.

Aaron’s parents were visiting this weekend, so we did the usual eating tour of Long Beach/the OC (for Ethiopian) we do when parents are visiting and express an interest in buying us dinner. Now that they are gone, the string of houseguests we have had since literally the day we moved in is going to dry up until July. (Well, I guess we didn’t have any from August to November, either, but things picked up again from December through April.) I’m a little at a loss as to what to do with myself – it’s always good to have something to look forward to, after all.

We’re heading to Oregon for a weekend in June, which will be good, and are planning a sojourn to Europe in July. I’m strangely resistant to planning this trip, for some reason. Probably because there is no way we will be able to see everyone we want to see there, i.e. cousins in Prague, friends with vacation home in Bourgogne, and friends getting married in Italy.

My awesome uncle (a member – in fact, King Emeritus – of the Fool’s Guild) is sending us complimentary tickets to the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire which we will probably use in a couple of weeks. (Yes, I love that kind of thing.) And then, of course, there’s the Royal Wedding, but I’m not getting up at 3 a.m. to watch it live, I’ve decided. (Yeah, I like that kind of thing, too.)

The latest news of interest is that Aaron will be necessary at this job until September 1st. This means nothing useful or concrete, but it does mean that at or after that point, the powers that be might decide to move us somewhere. Of course, both of us are hoping that this means we can escape SoCal on September 2nd. The time line works for me, garden-wise. I’ll have time to grow and store everything I want to grow and store. If we do move, I may end up shipping jars of tomato sauce (or perhaps Duke and I could drive and fill the Prius with jars of tomato sauce). I would be okay with that. We convinced our last movers to move Aaron’s liquor cabinet because so much of the stuff in there was purchased as souvenirs from former Soviet Republics. Usually, movers won’t move glass. Or explosives. They did move our explosives last time, but that was really due to my not being able to identify fireworks. (This is the sort of thing that happens when one marries a man – you end up living with, and needing to identify, explosives.)

I’ve finally got a few sprouts from the tomato seeds I planted in seed trays and then left outside (yay, they’re not dead). The okra I planted in seed trays and left inside is flourishing. I’m planning to plant more seeds in toilet paper tubes placed on an old cookie sheet today, which I will then leave on the living room floor, since seeds clearly like warmth to germinate. We’ve already eaten some of the lettuce (taco salad, last week) and it looks like there’s enough to harvest again for lunch today. The squash and broccoli really do look like they’ll be ready soon, and when we harvest those, it will free up some room for the aubergine and cucumbers to take off. Having all those soon-to-be edible plants in the yard is a helpful reminder that I haven’t been indolent for the past year, just because I haven’t been drawing a paycheck.


2 thoughts on “Carrying On

  1. Marla says:

    I’m generally available as relief driver.

  2. leahkathlyn says:

    That would be super-fun. (Plus, Duke is not yet licensed to drive.)

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