Mutant Garden, or, What A Difference Six Days Makes


April 5, 2011 by Leah

I was going to wait until a week had passed (that would be tomorrow) to do a garden update, but I just couldn’t. Almost all my plants started seemingly doubling in size overnight towards the end of last week.

Bed 3, then

Bed 3, now

I tried a leaf of that lettuce yesterday. Tasty.

Bed 2, then

Bed 2, now

Potatoes, then

Potatoes, now

I built up the dirt around the potatoes this morning after taking these photos.

I’m having trouble with some grass coming up through the raised beds I built. It may be coming through gaps in the newspapers I laid under all the dirt. I’m pulling the stuff out plant by plant as it arises and hoping like heck that most of the grass underneath the beds is now dead. I also wonder why I didn’t put plastic down on a big patch of yard last fall in order to give myself more garden space. (Of course, our mandatory lawn caretakers might not be too excited about that. Our feud is still going on, btw, judging by the fact that the main troublemaker didn’t acknowledge me and Duke when I waved at him while we were running by this weekend.)

Apparently I’m also having trouble with camera angles. I really didn’t try to shoot the beds in the exact opposite manner as I did last week. I should probably standardize. On the plus side, Aaron found my camera cable so I can start remembering how to use a nicer camera than the one on the iPhone.

My beans are all up in Bed 1, and cabbage, lettuce, and quinoa have all made small appearances. I have one okra sprout on the tray I meant to carry inside at night and promptly forgot about, so at least I didn’t kill everything. I’m thinking about direct seeding tomatoes and okra into Bed 1 now, although I’m also considering waiting to see if I get more seedlings in the seed trays and just transplanting them.

The tomato plants I put in Bed 2 are NOT Happy. Today I noticed two gray things that could either be poppies or mushrooms next to one of the tomato plants. I should probably go take a closer look, and do some more reading about tomatoes soon.


One thought on “Mutant Garden, or, What A Difference Six Days Makes

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