No Job. Sigh.


March 29, 2011 by Leah

I didn’t get the hotel job. BUT, I got a very nice email from the person who interviewed me, today (three business days after our in-person chat), explaining that while she was so pleased to meet with me among the more than 200 applicants for the position, they are pursuing another candidate whose qualifications more closely match their needs. This was unique among my experiences in California. The last job I interviewed for strung me along for one phone interview and two in-person interviews and then never contacted me again.

Of course, now I’m wondering: is that really the case? Am I overqualified? Was $15 an hour too much to ask for? Is it my six-year-old misdemeanor reckless driving conviction? (Surely that can’t be it, since it happened when I was very young, and I’d expect they would be looking more for things like fraud or embezzlement. I am not applying for jobs as a trucker, after all – I hate driving, for one thing.) Has one of my references turned against me?

Aaron wondered today if we shouldn’t run our own background check on me. He cited the stolen credit card last summer and my random mail from the AARP as possibly pointing towards identity theft and a false criminal record. (He’s such a good husband – always in my corner.)

Or, maybe, people just don’t like me.

I feel like it was a huge mistake to get my hopes up.



6 thoughts on “No Job. Sigh.

  1. Aubrey Clark says:

    A lot of people have trouble with nominal value and real value. They might look at $15 and think about it the way they did ten or fifteen years ago, instead of considering its diluted inflationary value today. It’s also hard coming from Alaska, where GDP is up by 3% and the unemployment rate is comparatively low, to California where the unemployment rate is one of the highest in the nation, GDP is negative and the state only recently attempted to place all the public workers it legally could on minimum wage. If only we cared about bailing out state governments as much as financial companies, California and Wisconsin would be alright.

  2. Marla says:

    your huge mistake is feeling that people don’t like you, the fact that there were 200 applicants is what’s against you. it is a good idea to at least check your credit from time to time, that is one thing prospective emplyers do now.
    anyway, smack you. you are in a sucky place with sucky prospects, nothing to do with you though it’s hard not to take it personally, i know. xoxo

  3. gia says:

    200 applicants??? whaaaaaaattt? I’ve been applying to Sacramento area and it’s all denials. It really gets you down huh? My dad says he’s never seen an economy as bad as this in his lifetime. I don’t know what the answer is, except keep trying and keep visualizing it. Also, a plan B helps.

  4. Marcia Stratman says:

    Leah, it’s their loss. Keep your spirits up. And, keep trying.

  5. Marla says:

    no smacks really, I just don’t want you to feel so bad. xoxo

  6. Dad Bailey says:

    Like my old boss said, whenever lay offs were threatened,
    (I know I’ve said this before)
    “I was lookin fer work when I found this job”

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