Wish Me Luck


March 24, 2011 by Leah

I have a job interview today for an accounting position at a hotel. The ad caught my eye on Craigslist because it had the job description, company description, the name of the hotel and even the name of the person to whom to direct inquiries and resumes. This is extremely rare. I see an increasing number of positions that only have a job description: where the company is a staffing company or just plain “confidential,” where even the location is a secret or listed as “Los Angeles County.” This is a big, congested county.

I sent a resume and cover letter on Tuesday, got a call (!) about the job yesterday afternoon and was then asked to come in today. Not next week, not in three months. The position sounds pretty close to entry level, but it’s also a relatively new position with a lot of autonomy, and it’s nearby (20 minutes in the car, 40 minutes on the bus, walking distance from my beloved Aquarium of the Pacific and Friday farmers’ market). And it’s at a hotel. I worked at a nice resort-type hotel in Alaska for nine months one year (started cleaning toilets, ended up as the night auditor) and count that as the most fun job I ever had, overnight shifts and all.

Who would have thought that the second job lead I’ve had in the ten months since we moved to Southern California would spring from a job I took as a one-off, nine years ago, because I needed to get out of New York for a while? And not my many years’ of professional experience in non-profit arts, utilities, or even my master’s degree? Life is so funny.

I leave you with the second most exciting thing that happened yesterday (well, maybe the third, since Aaron discovered he’ll have enough time accrued to take a three-week vacation this summer). I bought the prettiest can of sardines. I know, it sound ludicrous, but it’s adorable and made me really happy.



4 thoughts on “Wish Me Luck

  1. Josh says:

    Best of luck.

  2. Ronale says:

    I am thinking good thoughts for you.

  3. Dad Bailey says:

    No experience is wasted. If I hadn’t been a sheet metal worker I probably would not be hanging out in the shop make furniture. One thing leads to another……

  4. David G says:

    Good luck, no experience is ever wasted if you learn something from it.

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