Gifted Broccoli

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March 8, 2011 by Leah

One of my sets of parents has been here since Saturday, which means we’ve been out of the house a lot. I haven’t been able to obsessively monitor the garden every few hours, but we have been doing a lot of fabulously frugal eating. By which I mean Aaron and I have basically been mooching restaurant meals off my parents. They seem to enjoy treating us, though, so that’s cool, although the guy from whom I buy my fish didn’t seem to think it was too fair to make Mom shell out for his amazing black cod and scallops. (Hey, I cooked them! Oh, no, wait, actually I made Aaron and Dennis cook them since the grill was involved. I reduced some balsamic vinegar to drizzle over the scallops, though.)

There has been some cool stuff happening in our garden. Yesterday marked five days since I planted seeds in the first of our new beds, and sure enough, we have sprouts. Broccoli sprouts are the most notable, which is interesting as it was supposed to take the broccoli ten days to emerge, but it only took five. Clearly, we have gifted broccoli. There are also onion shoots and cucumber sprouts.

In the new garden bed, four days after I planted seeds, we seem to have a marigold or two making an appearance. I wouldn’t have even been looking except for the fact that I spent a fair amount of time this morning clearing pine needles and seeds away from the nice, receptive dirt in my garden beds (we had some some wind last night).

The best thing of all is happening in the winter garden. I planted green onion seeds last fall and nothing ever materialized, but now there seem to be more than a few green onion shoots popping up around the border of the garden. Apparently, people who actually have gardening experience do this sort of thing with onions and garlic on purpose – it’s called “wintering over.” I just happened to do this by accident, but from now on will be pretending otherwise.


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