A Month of Food


November 30, 2010 by Leah

November is winding down. We’re back from our great Thanksgiving trip to my dad’s house in Minnesota, we’re about to get a Christmas tree, and I’m working on analyzing how we did with our budget. One side effect of this budgeting is that I have fairly accurate records of the groceries we bought this month. I thought it would be interesting to share, as a sociological exercise, what it took to feed the Baileys (give or take a few guests and a few days vacation) this November.

What we bought (some of which is still with us, of course):

Almonds, bulk
Apples (2)
Apricots, dried, bulk
Aubergine (3)
Bacon (24 oz.)
Bananas (2)
Beer (6 pack)
Beets, bunch
Bell peppers (10)
Black cod (1 lb)
Blueberries, organic frozen
Broccoli (3 heads)
Brussels sprouts
Butter (1 lb)
Cabbage (1 head)
Carrots (7 bunches)
Cashews, bulk
Cauliflower (1 head)
Celery (2)
Cheese, brie, goat (4 oz)
Cheese, cheddar, grass-fed (1.5 lbs)
Cheese, farmer’s, goat (8 oz)
Chicken (3 whole totaling 13.5 lbs)
Chicken breasts (2)
Chocolate bars, fair trade (7)
Clams (2 lbs)
Coffee, organic, fair trade (28 oz)
Cranberries, dried, bulk
Eggs (6 dozen)
Flour (20 lbs)
Garlic (5 heads)
Ginger root
Green beans
Ice cream (2 pints)
Jalapenos (6)
Ketchup (1 bottle)
Kombucha (1 bottle)
Lemons (7)
Lettuce (2 heads)
Masa harina (24 oz)
Milk (3.5 gallons)
Mussels (1 lb)
Mustard greens, bunch
Oats, steel-cut, bulk
Oil, coconut
Onions (14)
Orange juice, organic, frozen (8 cans)
Oranges (3)
Pears (2)
Persimmons (9)
Plums (2)
Pomegranate juice (1 qt)
Pomegranate juice, sparkling (750 ml)
Popcorn, bulk
Pork sirloin (2 lbs @ $9)
Potatoes (8 Yukon gold, 2 lb red fingerlings, 4 white rose)
Raisins, bulk
Rice, brown basmati, bulk
Salmon (1.33 lbs)
Salsa (8 oz. jar)
Snapper (2 lb)
Split peas, bulk
Stir-fry veggies in bag
Strawberries (3 pint baskets)
Sweet potato (1 giant)
Tea (60 bags)
Tomatoes (8)
Tortilla chips, organic (2 bags)
Vinegar, cider, organic (1 bottle)
Walnuts, bulk
Wine, red (2 cases)
Wine, white (7 bottles)
Zucchini (4)

Other stuff we used (from pantry and garden):

Beans, dried
Bonito flakes
Oil, canola
Oil, olive
Oil, sesame
One small green bell pepper
Soy sauce

I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, but there you have it. It seems like a lot, but we waste very little (except for lettuce, which I never seem to use before it wilts), and we both get a fair amount of exercise and live in a freezing cold house so burn lots of calories.

Unsurprisingly, we went over our food budget for the month – $141 over budget, actually. Some of this was due the store trips made while depressed or recently returned from vacation that included things like ice cream, chips, and pre-packaged veggies; there was also the perilous trip to the bulk section. We spent more on protein than I expected due to our beef CSA delivery being postponed. This bumps us into the “moderate-cost” food plan (per the FDA) instead of the “low-cost,” but we saved money in other areas, like dog food and household expenses, so this isn’t a major debacle and we can adjust December’s budget to address these trends. Plus, we spent about half as much on food as we did in July and I think we ate better and felt better.


One thought on “A Month of Food

  1. Annie says:

    Leah, I just love your blog. Nice going this month! Enjoy the holidays! Annie

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