Bailey Budget Initiative Day 3


November 3, 2010 by Leah

Day 3 of the budget. Remember how I was planning to save my fun money? I have spent $52 of my allotted $70 on parking. $47 was on a street-sweeping ticket incurred while volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. I didn’t see the sign posting street-sweeping hours as it was around the corner from where I parked. $5 was on parking when a mission to the main branch of the library found me downtown with no cash or change and confused by construction.

Aaron has spend $2.20 of his $70 on DVD rentals from Redbox.


3 thoughts on “Bailey Budget Initiative Day 3

  1. Franklin P. Wertemeyer says:

    Aaron has also spent $2 on lottery tickets and $1.50 on Pepsi.

  2. Maria Benner says:

    Is that $70 for the whole month? Maybe if you’re nice to Aaron, he will lend you some fun money.

  3. leahkathlyn says:

    Yes for the whole month. Being loaned money is what got me into trouble in the first place! I’ve tentatively allotted the last $18 as follows: $10 for a movie date with hubby, $8 for a magazine and a fancy coffee while flying to MN for Thanksgiving.

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